Reserve a place at the Table.


         Friday 10th May.
         Saturday 11th May.                                                                  
          Friday 17th May.
          Saturday 18th May

          Saturday 15th June.
          Saturday 21st September.

Other dates still to be finalised -please contact us and tell us when you would like to come.
If we are full we can put you on our waiting list, as we do sometimes have cancellations. 
You can apply for yourself and up to 3 other guests, though you will need to tell us about them too. 

The suggested donation on the evening to cover the costs of all that you will enjoy is currently 100 euros per person in  Paris and £80 per person in London and Sheffield.

How do I get a seat at the table?

Like minded food adventurers continue to amaze and impress us with their detailed, fascinating and hungry emails of introduction as to why they want a place at the table. Look at our What can we tell you?  page for more details about the dinners and how to apply.

Send us an email telling us about yourself:  What languages do you speak?  What do you enjoy doing?  What kind of food do you love and MOST importantly please tell us IN ADVANCE if you have any FOOD ALLERGIES and let us know if you really can’t eat a certain food.  Be honest - it doesn't mean you won't be considered – we want you to love what you eat.  We often have at least one vegetarian or vegan at the table.