Nice things our New Friends say about us.

"It was delicious, friendly and beautiful !"

"Your food was the best I ate in Paris the entire weekend. Thank you for your warm hospitality."

"Great to be inside a real Parisien apartment."

“Attending the New Friends Table was the highlight of my trip.”

"Thank you so much for the amazing dinner and especially your great company!  What a fantastic last night in Paris!"

"Thanks again for the wonderful food Saturday evening, but most especially for your genial hospitality."

"It was the most wonderful evening we've spent in Paris so far."

"Thanks again for a lovely dinner last evening. You were a fantastic cook, host and raconteur. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, the food and the company."

"I have to say there was one moment that I felt a bit of nostalgia because the smells and ambience reminded me so much of a family dinner."

"What a bright spot of Paris your dinner was! Thank you so much for your hospitality and divine cuisine."

"What a delightful way to spend the evening in a warm and intimate setting, amongst interesting people and conversation, orchestrated by a wonderful hostess! Not to mention that the food and wine were absolutely delicious. We especially appreciated that you catered it to our tastes and recognize all the time and energy you spent into making the evening special and memorable."

" I completely enjoyed myself on Saturday! I loved the mix of people."
"The food and wine were spectacular and the company was really delightful.  We feel so fortunate to have connected with you and your ‘joie de vivre’ about all good things Parisian and English.”

"The conversation was just the ‘cerise sur le gâteau’, to use a worn-out metaphor. When I manage to talk about quantum physics, Wilkie Collins, The Wire, Bertrand Russell, Elvis impersonators and German pessimism in one single night, I call that a success!"

"I’m not sure if guests who attend dinners actually “stay in touch”, and I recognize that it would be rather difficult for you to do this, but I’ll admit that I hope we do (even though I realize the likelihood will diminish with the passage of time), but thinking about it, maybe it should, so it will force us to continue to pursue more secret dinners, so more ideas, opinions and knowledge can be exchanged over delicious food and wine."