Ice, fire and smoke in London.

Hungry New Friends from England, Scotland, Israel, America and Canada gathered around the fabulous candlelit table this Saturday, in a tiny dining room in hidden London.

You could find yourself anywhere.

You don't know where the Table is, you don't know what you'll be eating, you don't know who you'll be eating it with. 
Three good reasons people have booked chairs for the first New Friends Table in London this Saturday.

Many do.

New Friends will meet at the first London dinner next Saturday.  
Don't be shy about coming alone.
Many do.

More knives in the kitchen.

Very excited to welcome a talented young chef into the first London kitchen. 
We're cooking with gas!

Setting the Table in London

Busy, busy, busy this week- getting the Table ready for our first date in London on 28th January

New Friends Table takes to the open road.

In 2012 the New Friends Table will take to the open road. We will be hosting dinners in our usual individual style at diverse and exciting tables where we can share great food, wine and horizons and will continue to host secret dinners every month in hidden Paris. 

Additionally we will be holding two underground elegant and eclectic dinners each month, in the heart of old London, the first of which will be on January 28th. 

Later in the year we are planning to take the table even further afield.

Happy New Year to you all.

2011 brought New Friends to our door from France, America, England, Israel,Turkey, Eire, Australia, New Zealand, 
 Iceland, Brazil, Bombay, Holland, Belgium, Canada, Singapore, Italy and South Korea.  We have truly enjoyed the good humour, diversity of interests and enthusiasms and vibrancy of our guests.