Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb.

Belgian, Canadian, Dutch, French and English talked, ate and drank their way through Saturday night. 
 A lot of talking.  A lot of eating.  A lot of drinking.  
A lot of rhubarb and everyone aged 40. Give or take 15 years.

Rhubarb, triangles and candle-light.

On February 25th New Friends Table celebrates Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb, bringing it from the Rhubarb Triangle to their intimate triangular dining room in the Shoreditch Triangle, London, lit only by candles.

Talking with our mouths full.

Brilliant New Friends from Iran, France, America and England spoke a common language at the Table this Saturday in Paris.  
There was so much talking and laughing, we hardly had time for the eating.