Two boys. Eight girls. One hour.

Two boys and eight girls talked, ate and drank as British Summer Time slipped in unnoticed. 
Adventurous eaters, diverse conversations, new friends.

Appearances deceive.

Quiet sophistication on the outside led to a surprisingly raucous gathering in London last Friday.  
Keep drinking, keep eating, keep laughing.

Strong handshakes, sweet voices.

St Patrick's night in the Marais with a Table full of Norwegian teachers.
Strong handshakes, serious drinkers, spontaneous singers - and not one fussy eater amongst them. Skal!

Not every one a comedian.

With New Friends from Paris, New York and Austin, Texas at the Table we had plenty of laughs.  Funny times.

Big table, big brains, big mouths, big hair.

Recipe for a great dinner: Mix hungry, thirsty, intelligent, funny Puerto Rican, French, Welsh, Austrian, Spanish and American people together.  Oh and throw in a bit of glamour too.  Give them wine, feed them and let them bubble vigorously for a long evening until they're done. Parfait!