Doing what comes naturally.

Our next tables in Paris on May 10th and 11th and in London on May 17th and 18th will pair delicious and unusual artisan natural wines with each course.  We look for the same vibrancy and liveliness in the wine as we look for in our guests. Et voila!

Dreaming of Spring.

Spring is just around the corner - can't you taste it?

Three tables are waiting.

As you can see we're all extremely excited about our new dates for dinners at New Friends Table.  London in April, Paris in May and Sheffield in June and September.
For dates and details of how to apply go to  Reserve a Place at the Table

Pardon my English, excuse my French.

Adventurous New Friends from Paris, Ukraine, America and Australia sat around the table chewing the fat with Old Friends from America, Canada and England last Saturday in Paris. Such good times.

Dark nights - deep flavours - hot topics.

New Friends from New York, San Diego, Paris, Siberia and  Norway felt no chill as they discussed all the cultural hot potatoes.  We nearly called the pompiers.

Bonne rentrée - time for tweed

Guests from Scotland, Spain, France and England made the most of the chill to enjoy the September flavours back in the city of light.

Bonne rentrée - September dinner

New Friends from Hong kong, Sweden, America and France came indoors after the long hot summer. Good to be back.

Old French friends.

Old friends sat down for a private birthday dinner at New Friends Table on Saturday. Quelle surprise!

Fast workers.

Last Friday in Paris, strangers from Canada, New York, Texas, Dublin, London and Paris and Australia took just 2 minutes to become New Friends.

A bit of what you fancy does you good.

Trying out a few new flavours for the next secret dinners in Paris.  A bit of this, a bit of that. Tough work.

Two boys. Eight girls. One hour.

Two boys and eight girls talked, ate and drank as British Summer Time slipped in unnoticed. 
Adventurous eaters, diverse conversations, new friends.

Appearances deceive.

Quiet sophistication on the outside led to a surprisingly raucous gathering in London last Friday.  
Keep drinking, keep eating, keep laughing.

Strong handshakes, sweet voices.

St Patrick's night in the Marais with a Table full of Norwegian teachers.
Strong handshakes, serious drinkers, spontaneous singers - and not one fussy eater amongst them. Skal!

Not every one a comedian.

With New Friends from Paris, New York and Austin, Texas at the Table we had plenty of laughs.  Funny times.

Big table, big brains, big mouths, big hair.

Recipe for a great dinner: Mix hungry, thirsty, intelligent, funny Puerto Rican, French, Welsh, Austrian, Spanish and American people together.  Oh and throw in a bit of glamour too.  Give them wine, feed them and let them bubble vigorously for a long evening until they're done. Parfait!

Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb.

Belgian, Canadian, Dutch, French and English talked, ate and drank their way through Saturday night. 
 A lot of talking.  A lot of eating.  A lot of drinking.  
A lot of rhubarb and everyone aged 40. Give or take 15 years.

Rhubarb, triangles and candle-light.

On February 25th New Friends Table celebrates Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb, bringing it from the Rhubarb Triangle to their intimate triangular dining room in the Shoreditch Triangle, London, lit only by candles.

Talking with our mouths full.

Brilliant New Friends from Iran, France, America and England spoke a common language at the Table this Saturday in Paris.  
There was so much talking and laughing, we hardly had time for the eating.

Ice, fire and smoke in London.

Hungry New Friends from England, Scotland, Israel, America and Canada gathered around the fabulous candlelit table this Saturday, in a tiny dining room in hidden London.

You could find yourself anywhere.

You don't know where the Table is, you don't know what you'll be eating, you don't know who you'll be eating it with. 
Three good reasons people have booked chairs for the first New Friends Table in London this Saturday.

Many do.

New Friends will meet at the first London dinner next Saturday.  
Don't be shy about coming alone.
Many do.

More knives in the kitchen.

Very excited to welcome a talented young chef into the first London kitchen. 
We're cooking with gas!

Setting the Table in London

Busy, busy, busy this week- getting the Table ready for our first date in London on 28th January

New Friends Table takes to the open road.

In 2012 the New Friends Table will take to the open road. We will be hosting dinners in our usual individual style at diverse and exciting tables where we can share great food, wine and horizons and will continue to host secret dinners every month in hidden Paris. 

Additionally we will be holding two underground elegant and eclectic dinners each month, in the heart of old London, the first of which will be on January 28th. 

Later in the year we are planning to take the table even further afield.

Happy New Year to you all.

2011 brought New Friends to our door from France, America, England, Israel,Turkey, Eire, Australia, New Zealand, 
 Iceland, Brazil, Bombay, Holland, Belgium, Canada, Singapore, Italy and South Korea.  We have truly enjoyed the good humour, diversity of interests and enthusiasms and vibrancy of our guests. 

Away from it all.

 The New Friends Table is taking a little break.
We will be thinking of all our dear New Friends this evening as we wave good bye to the old year and turn hungrily to 2012.
On New Year's day we will announce our new dates and be sending out some exciting news from the Table. 
Bonne année
and Happy New Year to you all.

A little sit down.

New Friends Table is having a litttle sit down after Christmas.
Brewing up new ideas for 2012.

Just one more.

Just one seat available for tonight. Don't be shy.

Tree's up.

New Friends Table had fun buying le sapin from that lovely young man at Bastille, then getting it back on a totally crowded metro. Now its resplendent ready for the secret dinner this Saturday, the last one before Christmas.

New Friends pour Noel.

 We have a secret guest coming to the secret dinner this week.  His daughter has gifted the place to him for Noel. How exciting!